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Deans Office for Graduate Studies and Research (Propp)

The Dean’s Office for Graduate Studies and Research (PROPP), in line with the other Dean’s offices of UFGD, is an executive department that coordinates and provides guidelines for Research and Graduate activities. Its mission is to plan, guide, accompany and evaluate graduate and undergraduate research activities, promoting the articulation between these activities and the community as well as other universities and public and private institutions.
The Coordination Office for Research is part of PROPP and its objective is to serve as a support to the research activities carried by researchers from UFGD and to help graduate and undergraduate education activities so that new researchers can be developed. It aims at stimulating the generation of scientific knowledge, proposing policies for research development, including the strengthening of research groups. It promotes the integration between scientific/technological research and pedagogical activities at all levels, as well as an interaction between professors, technical-administrative personnel, students and the community. The Coordination Office has the following internal departments: Administrative Office; Division of Research and Division of Undergraduate Research and their respective sections.
The Coordination Office for Graduate Studies is part of the Dean’s Office for Graduate Studies and Research and its function is to issue rules and instructions for all Graduate Course Coordination Offices of UFGD in order to rationalize their services and administrative procedures so that all activities can be better carried out.
Stricto sensu graduate activities comprehend Master’s and doctoral degree programs. Provided the differences between the areas and the guidelines from CAPES are respected, strictu sensu graduate activities aim at simultaneously developing researchers and qualified professionals to make sure there will be sufficient specialized people to meet the needs of public and private entrepreneurships which have the objective of developing national scientific and technological potential.
Lato sensu graduate activities comprehend Specialization Courses. These courses have specific technical-professional objectives and they do not involve the whole field of knowledge the specialty is part of. Lato sensu activities are meant to professionally and scientifically train students and confer them the non-graduate degree of Specialists.
Continuing Education Courses of UFGD are temporary courses which aim at improving technical, scientific, artistic and cultural abilities in a certain field of knowledge. Continuing Education has specific technical and professional objectives and it does not include the whole field of knowledge in which it is included. These courses confer students certificates of Continuing Education.

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