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Dean’s Office for Institutional Evaluation and Planning – Proap

The goal of the Dean’s Office for Institutional Evaluation and Planning (PROAP) is to plan and promote all the necessary structure for the development of the activities related to class education, research, community outreach, culture, communication and computerization of UFGD, considering institutional demands and plans. This department is responsible for planning, guiding, supervising, evaluating and executing all policies for the development of the university as well as its supply of material and financial resources. The employers of this office also supervise and control the application of the financial resources of the university. They plan and accompany budget execution, supervise and elaborate the annual income statement, besides supporting studies, projects and programs for economic, social, scientific and technological development. PROAP does this while considering the goals and priorities established in the action plan and the Institutional Development Plan (PDI) of UFGD.

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