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Dean’s Office for Undergraduate Studies - Prograd

The Dean’s Office for Undergraduate Studies (PROGRAD) is part of the Federal University of Grande Dourados (UFGD) and it is subordinated to the Rector’s Office. PROGRAD is responsible for planning, coordinating, executing, controlling, supervising and evaluating undergraduate activities. These actions are taken in collaboration with the other several administrative departments of UFGD, with the purpose of promoting actions which articulate class education, research and community outreach in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Education (MEC).
This Dean’s Office has one Advisor’s Office and three Coordination Offices: Coordination Office for Undergraduate Studies, Coordination Office for Student Admission and Coordination Office for Academic Affairs. With this structure, PROGRAD coordinates and supervises undergraduate activities and it also advises the Rector’s Office about the demands related to human resources, the necessary infrastructure and materials so that these activities can be properly carried. It also manages, registers, controls and monitors all activities related to the academic management of undergraduate courses and it advises and supervises the coordination offices for each undergraduate course.  
PROGRAD stimulates and makes it possible for the University to be integrated to the academic community and to the different sectors of society, so that the education of its students can be improved. This integration occurs in several ways, including the articulation between PROGRAD and the other Dean’s Offices of UFGD and also other institutions from outside the university, such as the Federal Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul (IFMS), the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UEMS), the Brazilian Forum of Deans for Undergraduate Studies (ForGRAD), the College of Deans for Undergraduate Studies of Federal Higher Education Institutions (Cograd) and other public and private institutions.
PROGRAD is responsible for advising, coordinating and evaluating didactic-pedagogical activities and also activities related to academic control, admission of professors, students and technical-administrative personnel. It subsidizes and advises the departments which are competent to define educational policies in the university. It proposes measures that can help the curricular structuring of the courses so that they can meet legal, formal and pedagogical requirements. It also proposes actions with the purpose of improving academic management, the quantitative expansion regarding the number of professors and also material educational conditions.
PROGRAD also has the job of stimulating and making it possible for the university to be integrated with the different sectors of society so that its education can be constantly improved.
This Dean’s Office stimulates the realization of joint activities involving other Dean’s Offices of UFGD in order to integrate academic conceptions and practices which facilitate the construction of a globalized perspective about the university and also the rationalization of resources. PROGRAD integrates the several sectors of the university which deal with the teaching-learning issues. In collaboration with the Faculties, the Coordination Offices for the Courses, professors and students, PROGRAD also promotes studies and activities that aim at increasing the level of the work produced by professors and students from UFGD.
The Coordination Office for Undergraduate Studies (COGRAD) is characterized by the nature of the services offered by the Dean’s Office for Undergraduate Studies (PROGRAD/UFGD) and it is structured in divisions with the purpose of optimizing the work related to advising and coordinating all undergraduate activities in UFGD.
The Coordination Office for Academic Affairs (CAAC) is responsible for advising, coordinating, supervising, registering and controlling undergraduate academic activities in the University.
It is responsible for management indicators, for the creation of administrative routine and document flow, for contributing to the publication of public notices regarding entrance examinations, voluntary transfer, diploma holder entrance, special students, and others. Besides these activities, CAAC is also responsible for the proposal of academic calendars to be approved by the competent department, the creation of academic regulations for controlling and developing undergraduate studies and the diploma registration in UFGD.
The three divisions of CAAC are the following:
Division of Academic Office (SECAC)
Division of Academic Admission, Registration and Control (DARCE)
Division of Diploma Registration (DIRD)

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