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Dean’s Office for Community and Student Affairs – Proae

The main function of the Dean’s Office for Community and Student Affairs (PROAE) is to elaborate and manage projects and programs which aim at integrating the Academic Community and the Student Aid Department.
Through its Student Aid programs, PROAE promotes actions that aim at making sure students can enter and stay in UFGD until their graduation. The guidelines for these programs are the principles of the National Program for Student Aid (PNAES) from the Ministry of Education. PNAES has the objective of promoting actions of social inclusion, full education, production of knowledge, improvement in academic performance and psychosocial welfare. Financial and Food aid, pedagogical and psychosocial support and sporting actions and practices are all part of the student aid programs.
PROAE is responsible for the University Restaurant, Student Housing, Child Education Center – CEI, Sports Complex and other buildings of the academic community in UFGD.

Subject Contact
Socio-economic Evaluation
Food Aid
Psychosocial Service
Financial Aid UFGD
Financial Aid MEC
Student Housing
Freshman Reception
phone: (67) 3410-2734
Pedagogical Support
Lecture Cycle
International Academic Mobility
Participation in Academic Events
Seminar on Student Affairs
Seminar on Student Affairs
phone: (67) 3410-2738
Child Education Center – CEI
University Restaurant
Dining Hall
phone: (67) 3410-2735
Sports and Leisure
Student Organization
phone: (67) 3410-2876

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