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Teaching Degree in Mathematics

The Teaching Degree in Mathematics of UFGD was designed for professionals who what to teach at middle and high school levels. Qualified professionals with master’s and doctoral degrees in the area compose the team of professionals who will contribute to the creation of future mathematics teachers.
The job market for mathematics teachers has been growing. According to the report produced by the Brazilian National Council for Education (CNE), there is a shortage of mathematics teachers in Brazil of more than 100.000 professionals. In private schools there is also considerable demand for these professionals.
Graduates from the course of Mathematics play a key role as teachers of the Exact Sciences. Besides working as teachers or professors, these graduates will be able to work as researchers and help develop basic and applied research activities in the area and also take a graduate specialization, master’s or doctoral degree course in the field.
The Teaching Degree in Mathematics has Computing Laboratories, Math Teaching Laboratories with resources for the elaboration of materials, a specific study and video room.
Apart from the classes, students also participate in pedagogical workshops, monitoring programs, integrative activities in school units, and they also take part in internships in Basic Education.
Students can participate in Education, Research and Community Outreach Programs in the areas of Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching. These programs offer students scholarships such as the Teaching Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBID), PROLICEN, PROEX, Financial/Food Aid (BOLSA PERMANÊNCIA/ALIMENTAÇÃO), Monitoring Aid (BOLSA MONITORIA).
It is a 4-year in-person course in which students enroll for credits every six months, and the total credit hours amount is of 3698 class-hours. One hundred eleven seats are offered every year (51 for morning classes and 60 for evening classes). Admission may occur by: entrance examination, higher education diploma holders, student transfer from other national higher education institutions, internal transfer, compulsory transfer or serried evaluation processes.

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